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Forestgreen (170 oz/2.44") 15'*75'

Forestgreen (170 oz/2.44") 15'*75'

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Forestgreen artificial turf is your gateway to a garden oasis. With an impressive height of 2.44 inches, it's the key to achieving a luxuriously dense and natural look in your outdoor space.

With its unique uneven W-shaped blades, Forest Green not only looks natural but also keeps your lawn cooler in the summer. These blades stand tall and firm, reducing the need for maintenance.

Thanks to a high stitch rate, there's more material per square foot, and the thick thatch adds extra comfort, making it perfect for the whole family. Forest Green is versatile, suitable for various uses thanks to its thickness and durability.

It's great for high-traffic areas, everyday landscaping, playgrounds, daycares, sidewalks, and even rooftop gardens. Experience the beauty and ease of Forest Green today!
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